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Docs and Translation

Add Documentation#

Adding documentation can help countless future Flarum users. A few ideas of what to work on:

A good way to find topics to write about is to look for common questions in the support tag of our community.

Translate Flarum#

We want Flarum to be accessible to everyone, regardless of language! By contributing translations, you make it possible for many more people to enjoy Flarum. Best of all, we use user-friendly GUIs for translations, so no technical skills are necessary to help!

Translations for Flarum core, bundled extensions, and community extensions are managed through Weblate.

Translations for this documentation are managed through Crowdin. Please do not contribute translations via GitHub pull requests, as it is very likely that Crowdin will fail to fully sync your work, and your changes will be lost.

The Flarum Foundation has created the "flarum-lang" organization to support translators and ensure continuous availability of language packs. You can learn more about this by visiting the GitHub repository.

If you want to support an existing language pack, start a new translation, or you run into issues using weblate or crowdin, it's best to get in touch with the flarum-lang team.